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    Local heritage
    Bridges, viaducts, fountains, dams or still archeological vestiges, here is that is the local heritage. So many constructions in cities and villages or in their neighborhoods which look of the character to the landscape
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Local heritage in Saint-Esprit

Marché couvert

Mairie du Saint-Esprit Bourg 97270 Saint-Esprit (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 56 68 80
This metal building is constructed on the very spot where stood the traditional market town, very long attractive center of the town and its environs. Around 1913, paving the space allotted in the ...

Local heritage in Sainte-Marie


MAISON DU BELE Espace Zéphir - Quartier Reculée 97230 Sainte-Marie (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 69 50 50  - Fax : 05 96 69 21 70
The Bèlè House

Located in Reculée district, the Bèlè house’s aim is to ensure the passing down and the preservation of cultural values related to bèlè, an African inheritance in which ...

Local heritage in Le Carbet


NEISSON Quartier le Coin 97221 Le Carbet (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 78 03 70
Visit Monday through Friday 8 am to 16h and Saturday from 8am to 11:30. Its white rum is renowned as the best island for the connoisseur.'s Rum is 55 ° Paris 2010 Gold medal. A tasting Deal!

Local heritage in Sainte-Anne


L' Espace Sud et Le Parc Naturel Régional de la Martinique Val d'Or 97227 Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 64 42 59- 0596 645 645  - Mobile phone : 06 96 33 35 62
Costumed, âniers-Mule drivers and guides of the natural park of the Martinique introduce us, Word, work and know-how forgotten of the ancient civilization of the sugar and the gesture. OPENING hours ...

Local heritage in Le Carbet

Cheminée DARISTE

Mairie Bourg 97221 Le Carbet (Martinique)
Phone : -----

Local heritage in Le Morne-Rouge

Les Larmes de Fontes

Ville du Morne-Rouge Avenue Edgard NESTORET 97260 Le Morne-Rouge (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 67 88 41
Created by the artist Arman. This sculpture is composed of real boat chains representing the suffering of survivors of the Eruption of the vulcano

Local heritage in Sainte-Anne


Service du Patrimoine de Sainte-Anne Bourg 97 227 Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 76 73 06
Old house candy.This home is located on the path which leads to the Piton of Creve Coeur. Amount, you will see on your left the remains of the Manor House, the kitchen and the cistern.Creve Coeur was ...

Local heritage in Schoelcher


office de tourisme de schoelcher hauteurs de la plage de Madiana 97233 Schoelcher (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 61 83 92