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    Local heritage
    Bridges, viaducts, fountains, dams or still archeological vestiges, here is that is the local heritage. So many constructions in cities and villages or in their neighborhoods which look of the character to the landscape
35 in Martinique.

Local heritage in Basse-Pointe

Un Grand Homme, Aimé CESAIRE

Office de Tourisme 1,Rue joseph Zéphir 97218 Basse-Pointe (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 78 99 01
Aimé Césaire

Aimé Césaire (1913-2008) a vu le jour à Basse-Pointe, dans une modeste maison sur l’Habitation Eyma, dans le quartier du même nom. Il y a passé son enfance avant de partir à ...

Local heritage in Le Morne-Rouge

Les Larmes de Fontes

Ville du Morne-Rouge Avenue Edgard NESTORET 97260 Le Morne-Rouge (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 67 88 41
Created by the artist Arman. This sculpture is composed of real boat chains representing the suffering of survivors of the Eruption of the vulcano

Local heritage in Sainte-Marie


Association Les Rails de la Canne à sucre B.P. 37 - Distillerie Saint James 97230 Sainte-Marie (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 86 99 09
Created by the « Sugar cane rails » association, the Plantations Train is the result of the will of some people passionate with railways. Pulled by a DAVENPORT locomotive equipped with a DEUTZ ...