bullet Les Ruines de Crève-Coeur

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Les Ruines de Crève-Coeur

Service Patrimoine/M. Alex CALIXTE Place Abbé Morland 97227 Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 0596 76 73 06/ 05 96 76 89 85  - Mobile phone : 06 96 94 28 69
Housing Creve Coeur, old house candy. This important housing, includes industrial buildings, the remains of the Manor House, the kitchen and the tank....
In the South of the Martinique Creve Coeur was a very rich as candy dwelling evidenced by the size of the House master and the workers village, which at the time had twenty boxes hosting more than 100 workers. It produced its own sugar cane and fed through its food gardens and livestock. You want to relive that time and the discover these ruins. The Heritage Service of the city of Sainte - Anne, gives you appointment on Saturday, September 20, 2014 in the morning. For further information contact the Communication Service of the city to 0696 94 28 69;

  • Résidence LES ORCHIDEES 122 domaine de belfond 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • BE IN THE SUN 377 - Chemin de la Bastide Route - 84530 VILLELAURE 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • SCI DEFOI Lotissement les Mahoganys Cap Chevalier 97227 Sainte-Anne

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