Le combat de coques , la régate du sud martinique du 14 au 16 mai 2015

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Le combat de coques , la régate du sud Martinique du 14 au 16 Mai 2015

from May 14 2015 to May 16 2015 97290 Le Marin (Martinique) boulevard Allègre 97290 le Marin
Phone : 05 96 74 63 21  - Fax : 05 96 74 72 96  - Mobile phone : 06 96 22 26 63
The nautical sailor's Club, Open the bar, nautical Station, the Office of tourism, the city of the marine and their many partners you have: the battle of HULLS, the regatta of southern MARTINIQUE (between 05 and 10 crew) crew organized amateur regatta ente salines (Ste Anne and diamond); habitable, catamarans of sport on a type of raids. Organization during 03 days of festivities and regattas between Marin, Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Luce and the diamond with the collaboration of many participants from Martinique but also from Guadeloupe, St. Lucia...) and motivating Martinique businesses and councils with participation of yacht charter companies which could make available to the riders of the boat with or without skipper at competitive prices. A crew of Belgium joined the flotilla each year and has a local skipper, we expect also the crews coming from the Caribbean, invitations are launched! This an event important in the development of sailing and tourism in the South of Martinique. Coastal routes, 'banana' and triangles, with navigation in the followed a festive and friendly atmosphere in the evening sunset.
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  • Meublé de Mme FORTUNE 23, résidence En Cammée 97290 Le Marin

  • Residence Cap evasion Route du Cap Macré Cap Bois neuf 97290 Le Marin

  • Villa REVKREOL (Villa Solène) CAP BEAUCHËNE 97290 Le Marin

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