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Eglise aux Sept Dons

Mairie du Saint-Esprit Bourg 97270 Saint-Esprit (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 56 68 80
The Church is the first monument in the city. It is listed in the inventory of historical monuments since the decree of March 16, 1995. In 1778 the first church was built on the site of the current hospital at its detachment from the Salt River Parish. Rebuilt in 1850, it was destroyed in 1891, then rebuilt in 1907. It houses a bell called Sevastopol Russian War brought the crime to which was attended by a contingent of Martinique. To thank the Martinique, Admiral Bruat, former governor of the island, had brought the bells. The church has been completely renovated. Six choirs inspire today's church.
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