Sport and leisure, Nautic sports in Martinique

    Nautical sports
    Initiate in nautical activities that coastal region offers you. The sail, the surfing, the sand yacht or the kitesurf will carry you to the rhythm of tides and of winds up to an experience rich in feelings.

    In calm waters or in white-waters, attract the experience of the canoe and let come, paddle at the hand.
78 in Martinique.

Nautic sports in Le Carbet


Olivier alias Tosch Grand Anse 97221 Le Carbet (Martinique)
Phone : 0 69 69 34 08 88

Nautic sports in Le Carbet


Jules ANGEON Carbet 97221 Le Carbet (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 39 10 74

Nautic sports in Le Marin

AQUABULLE (Vision sous marine)

Jean-Pierre SERVEN Port de plaisance 97290 Le Marin (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 74 69 69  - Fax : 05 96 74 69 48
The solution best suited to discover the coral reef. His splendid yellow monohull at bottom of glass offers a double pleasure with the sea promenade, and especially his panoramic vision of the seabed. ...

Nautic sports in Le Marin


Maryse LAMON Boulevard Allègre 97290 Le Marin (Martinique)
Phone : 0696 32 69 13 / 06 96 39 88 58
' Come and introduce you to the pleasures of traditional navigation on the skiff round (water craft), jewel of our cultural heritage. '' George Henry Lagier, one of the best patterns of round skiff, ...

Nautic sports in Les Anses-d'Arlet


Michel TRITZ 108 Avenue Robert Deloy - Grande Anse 97217 Les Anses-d'Arlet (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 29 29 11
. The Center DEEP TURTLE diving is open year-round, 7 days a week from 07:00. Located in Grande Anse, between Les Trois-Ilets and the Arlet handles, is local in the face of the single pontoon of the ...

Nautic sports in La Trinité


Gliss & Love Tartane 97220 La Trinité (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 70 41 62
School of itinerant windsurfing board - Robert, Tartan, François
Courtsof windsurfing board and funboard, raids Stand Up Paddle

Nautic sports in La Trinité


Capt'ain Titi Tartane 97220 La Trinité (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 98 60 00
For unforgettable day, embark on a typical skiff for a stroll whith relaxation, Tasting and Discovery

Nautic sports in La Trinité


Manoa surf School Anse Bonneville - Tartane 97220 La Trinité (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 74 82 54
Courts of surfing individual and collective. Initiation into traditional " Bwa Flo " surfing