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the Sunday 14 May 2017 Chorale Flamme Ardente 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique) bourg
Phone : 05 96 76 73 60
as part of their annual program, the flame burning of SAINTE ANNE choir organises its traditional spiritual concert Sunday, May 14, 2017 from 16:00 to the Church of Holy year choirs: flame burning of Sainte Anne, the choirs of Saint Etienne of the sailor, the choirs of Carabin of Lorrain, regale river pilot choir, the doves of the Salette de Sainte Anne and choirs of men of Sainte Anne/Marin. come and support their action.
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  • La Résidence "LES CHAUDIERES" Cap Chevalier 97227 SAINTE ANNE 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • RESIDENCE LES HIBISCUS Lotissement les Oiseaux 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • ANTILLES LIBERTE 5, Domaine de Belfond 97227 Sainte-Anne

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