Le centre de loisirs de sainte-anne

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Le Centre de Loisirs de Sainte-Anne

from July 06 2015 to July 31 2015 La ville de Sainte-Anne, le CREDOS & l’OMCL 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique) Espace Manville 97227 Sainte-Anne
Phone : 05 96 76 98 30
The city of Sainte-Anne, the CREEDS (research development Omnisports Centre and health) and the OMCL (Office Municipal culture and recreation) organize to the attention of youth 6 to 17 years operation year Tjè Peyi-du'a ' Edition 2015 from 06 to July 31, 2015, from 8:00 to 16:30. Information and registration at the CREEDS (0596 76 98 30). List of documents to provide: 1 fact sheet (with name, first name, address and phone numbers of parents as well as information on the child). 1 medical certificate of fitness for the practice of sport which must be dated within 3 months. Copies of immunization mandatory medical comments and/or recommendations of parents vital card certificates or CMU attesting the mutual certification of insurance no. beneficiary CAF (Caisse of Allocation family) 1 photo of identity the leave to care for urgency the authorization for some people to recover the minor the authorization for the child to return only the family home the authorization right to frame 10 euros registration fee payment of the price of the stay (depending on pricing) Service Communication 0596 76 56 90.
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  • RESIDENCE CARAMEL rue Ludovic Versé 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • NILOR Necker Poirier 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • ANOLI VILLAGE Quartier Bellevue 97227 Sainte-Anne

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