Marche royal 2015

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the Sunday 19 April 2015 Vanina MILLON-BERTILLE 97213 Le Gros-Morne (Martinique) Gros Morne
Phone : 06 96 04 08 74
the great work ROYAL on Sunday, April 19, 2015.
This encounter with nature is designed to:-allow walkers to discover the deep countryside.
-raise awareness on the riches of the commune in encouraging them to appropriate it and protect it.
-to offer our visitors the possibility to admire the fauna, flora, sources and rivers in the municipality, through the paths.
For this 26 th edition, walkers will be allowed near Stadium Aristide Maugee du Bourg du Gros Morne where they will begin their morning with a free warm-up.
Snacks € 2
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  • Le jardin de Théonie Chemin La Vierge 97213 Le Gros-Morne

  • Escale du voyageur Quartier Flamboyant 97213 Le Gros-Morne

  • Gîtes Lucie Chemin Crois-Girin 97213 Le Gros-Morne

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