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    Castles and Monuments
    Castles are historic heights-places, they allow to dive back into the universe of the Lords who lived there. Some of these monuments, as fortresses, symbol of power and power, are often marked by the wars of the Middle Ages. Others, as the castles of sailing are much more stylized and testify of the refinement of the Renaissance.
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Castle, Fort in Fort-de-France

Théâtre Aimé Césaire

rue Victor Sévère- 97200 FORT DE FRANCE 97200 Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 59 42 39  - Fax : 05 96 59 60 32
Monument historic late 19th century. Former Hotel of city of Fort of France, its classic architecture distinguishes it from neighbouring buildings. The building also has a theatre Hall in the Italian, ...

Castle, Fort in Basse-Pointe

Habitation LEYRITZ

Mr REMYR Juvénal Habiation Leyritz 97218 Basse-Pointe (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 78 99 01
Habitation LEYRITZ

Les bâtiments de cette superbe habitation datant de la fin du 17ème siècle témoignent d’une intense activité économique autour de la fabrication du sucre de canne, puis ...

Castle, Fort in Basse-Pointe

Habitation Pécoul

Mr DUCHAMP Habitation Pécoul 97218 Basse-Pointe (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 78 99 01
1 - Habitation PECOUL

Cette grande habitation dont l’entrée est rehaussée d’une allée de cocotiers, valorise un témoignage d’architecture créole. Construite vers 1760, la maison Pécoul ...

Castle, Fort in Basse-Pointe

Habitation Moulin l'Etang

Mr AUBERY Bertrand Habitation Chalvet 97218 Basse-Pointe (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 78 99 01

Domaine agricole à l’entrée de la commune, autrefois planté en cannes, il a fortement contribué au développement économique de Basse-Pointe. Cette prospère ...

Castle, Fort in Schoelcher


Mairie de Schoelcher Esplanade des Arawaks 97233 Schoelcher (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 72 72 72
This bronze sculpture was designed by the martinican artist Henri GUEDON, in 2001. It comprises a series of eight ornaments placed on a concrete pad that trace entries Abakuá Caribbean. These entries ...

Castle, Fort in Le Gros-Morne


Mairie du Gros-Morne Bourg 97213 Le Gros-Morne (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 67 50 11
This monument was built under the administration of Mayor Paul Nazaire, after the Great War, also commemorates the victims of the Second World War. It is a statue of a soldier from the 1st World War, ...

Castle, Fort in Schoelcher


office de tourisme de schoelcher Place Hôtel de Ville Bourg de Schoelcher 97233 Schoelcher (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 61 83 92

Castle, Fort in Fort-de-France

Fort Saint-Louis

Boulevard Chevalier Sainte-Marthe - 97200 FORT DE FRANCE 97200 Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 60 27 73
Historical monument since 1973 Naval Base in activity, seat of the high command of the Navy for the Antilles-Guyana area. First historical anchor of the lower town, the impressive construction ...