Gastronomy, Local products in Martinique

    Products of the soil
    The products of the land are identity and good taste of our regions. Some meat products in fruits and vegetables by way of the cheese and the wine, you will discover all local specialities. Many name-days and demonstrations are organised around these products.
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Local products in Sainte-Anne

Espace "Chez Marie- Georges"

Mme Marie Georges SAUBY LACASTE Val d'Or 97227 Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 33 64 44
Space located at the round point of Val d'Or, before go you on the beaches of Sainte-Anne, you will find fruit and vegetables country, local sweets and boucanes chickens (recommended order). Open: ...

Local products in Sainte-Anne


M MALSA Malike Route Encornette Direction Cap Chevalier 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 0596 715 941  - Mobile phone : 0696 615 252
Located in Sainte-Anne, the Association South Nature accomplice, on an area of 6 hectares, cultivated plant families that constitute the "Creole Garden": * crops vegetable, * medicinal and aromatic ...

Local products in Sainte-Anne


Les Marins Pêcheurs Bourg de Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 76 73 45
3 spaces dedicated to the shipment and sale of fresh fish! * Saturday: 9 h - 13 h - space Paul ADJUTOR (Bourg) shipment of Red fish, Octopus, moray eels, under the almond tree, close to the boxes of ...

Local products in Sainte-Marie


Luc QUIATOL Quartier Saint Jacques - La Ferme 97230 Sainte-Marie (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 69 07 95  - Fax : 05 96 69 13 13
Born from the will and skill of a team of farmers established in Sainte Marie, Fariba strives to offer you the very best from local products.

Discover the tropical fruits flavour, enjoy the banana ...

Local products in Sainte-Anne


Ville de Sainte-Anne Place Nouveau Marché 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 76 73 45
The Local market offers punches, liqueurs and confections made House, spices, fruits and vegetables and crafts.
Saturday and Sunday, craftsmen butchers, florist and other gardeners come sell their ...

Local products in Saint-Pierre


CLOVEL Raymond Rue Victor Hugo 97250 Saint Pierre 97250 Saint-Pierre (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 80 60 36  - Mobile phone : 06 96 80 60 36
Artisan, juice fruits and vegetables before you made the application. Also Realization of various liquors. Humm! good taste

Local products in Saint-Joseph

La Belle Marchande

La Belle Marchande 3 rue Schoelcher 97212 SAINT-JOSEPH 97212 Saint-Joseph (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 32 03 77
Belle Merchant receives you in a pleasant setting where your taste buds will expand its sipping fresh fruit salads, kebabs and fruit trays, local juices made at your request, and some sweets from ...

Local products in Le Lamentin

Le Monde des Epices

Le Monde des Epices Le Lareinty 97232 Le Lamentin (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 51 58 64  - Fax : 05 96 51 92 01
Entrez dans l'univers des senteurs des couleurs et des goûts!

Vous y trouverez une très grande variété d'épices, de cafés, de liqueurs et de produits divers.

Un service chaleureux se ...