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Gastronomy, Local products in Martinique

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Espace "Chez Marie- Georges"

Mme Marie Georges SAUBY LACASTE Val d'Or 97227 Sainte-Anne 97227 Sainte-Anne (Martinique)
Phone : 06 96 33 64 44
Space located at the round point of Val d'Or, before go you on the beaches of Sainte-Anne, you will find fruit and vegetables country, local sweets and boucanes chickens (recommended order). Open: Every day from 8 h Fri. Sundays and holidays from 8 h appointment.
Leisure nearby
  • VTT
  • Hiking
  • swim
services offered
  • Tasting products
Payment Methods
  • cash
  • RESIDENCE LES CORAUX Domaine de Belfond et Rue de Gorée 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • RESIDENCE ILOFLOR Quartier Derrière Morne 97227 Sainte-Anne

  • LES FLAMBOYANTS Domaine de Belfond 97227 Sainte-Anne

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