bullet Fort Saint-Louis

Heritage, visit, Castle, Fort in Martinique

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Fort Saint-Louis

Boulevard Chevalier Sainte-Marthe - 97200 FORT DE FRANCE 97200 Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 60 27 73
Historical monument since 1973 Naval Base in activity, seat of the high command of the Navy for the Antilles-Guyana area. First historical anchor of the lower town, the impressive construction "Vauban" attracts the eyes of pedestrians and visitors from the sea front. Unauthorized visit
  • Valmenière Hôtel*** Avenue des Arawaks 97200 Fort-de-France

  • L’Impératrice Hôtel** 15 rue de la Liberté 97200 Fort-de-France

  • Carib Hôtel 9 rue Redoute du Matouba 97200 Fort de france 97200 Fort-de-France

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