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Didier / Absalon

Didier 97200 Fort-de-France (Martinique)
Phone : 05 96 70 54 88
A course in as wood along the River Dumauze duration: 1 h - level: any public - route Distance: 2 km - vertical: 130 m PRECAUTIONS see weather and condition of the trails before weather France Martinique: 0892 68 08 08 or www.meteo.gp national Office of forests: 0596 60 70 70 Committee of the hiking trail of Martinique: 0596 70 54 88 prepare your itinerary and let your specific circuit in good hands. Beware: in the dark of the night before 6 p.m., with a sunset that lasted only a few minutes. to cross rivers and any mounted water, sometimes sudden carry appropriate equipment orientation and emergency equipment: map, whistle, survival blanket, flashlight, knife, a first aid kit.... Equipment: backpack, toothed and waterproof hiking shoes, hat, Cup wind, spare T-shirt, a stick, cream solar, anti-moustique lotion take energy food as well as water (2 l / pers.)
Respect the environment: Do not throw garbage in the wild do not pick protected plants, fruits and flowers. Do not uproot plants and do not cut trees.
The success of your hiking requires caution and respect of precautions for use follow the route of the trail, don't use shortcuts to limit the trampling of vegetation and erosion eat not the water of the rivers go early to benefit fully from the landscape and have the time to return

  • Valmenière Hôtel*** Avenue des Arawaks 97200 Fort-de-France

  • L’Impératrice Hôtel** 15 rue de la Liberté 97200 Fort-de-France

  • Carib Hôtel 9 rue Redoute du Matouba 97200 Fort de france 97200 Fort-de-France

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