The Fmotsi, a network heavily involved at the service of tourism

today ', the FMOTSI has 25 offices of tourism and trade unions d ' accession Initiative across all of the communes of Martinique and a total of 93 employees in the network.


near 360 administrators, elected officials, socio-professional representatives of the sector, members of ' associations, volunteers or any simply citizens feeling concerned with the problems of development economic and tourism, participate everyday in the life and l ' the network of tourist office.


the FMOTSI itself offshoot of these local structures includes within its General Assembly a wide variety of members.


of statutory members: municipal tourism, the tourism class Offices Officess, the Tourist Offices, unions d ' Initiative, public and private organizations for tourism constituted legally having formulated a request accepted by l ' General Assembly.


d members ' honor (8 members): the Regional Council, the General Council, the Martinique tourism, the Parc Naturel régional de Martinique, l ' Association of the mayors of Martinique, the Direction of tourism, the Communauté de Communes in the North of Martinique, the community to ' space South of Martinique.


the FMOTSI is adherent and member of the Board of ' of the National Tourist Offices and d unions Federation ' Initiative, the FNOTSI, known as from June 2011: france Tourist Offices.